You Don't Belong Here - SIGNED - by Jonathan Harper (June 4, 2023)

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You Don't Belong Here - SIGNED - by Jonathan Harper (June 4, 2023)

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"You Don’t Belong Here reads like a Cheever fever dream — grim, literary, and domestically harrowing. As far as narratives of alcohol go, Harper's book is a chilling revision of The Lost Weekend for a modern era." - L.A. Fields, author of Homo Superiors

Morris came to Manderlay Colony to write, to share his truth, and create something literary. But on his last night in the quiet, small town, a series of events unfold that leave him trapped, with shrinking funds and no sure means of escape. As the hours and days pass, as the beer bottles pile up on the bar counter, and as he confronts a man from his past, his sense of self is challenged. Jonathan Harper's debut novel is a snarky, at times brutal, exploration of the modern man who stands at the mouth of a tunnel knowing that what's inside will change him, and not always for the better.