Wishlist How-To

Want to tell all your family and friends the books you want? It's easy with our wishlist feature! Wish lists are perfect for birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers or any special occasion. Wish lists can also be used by teachers, educators or librarians to organize book lists for classes, schools or organizations. 

1) Create an account

  • If you already have an account, you're doing great!
  • If you need to create one, click here and then come back to this page. 

2) Pick out books

  • Go to the search bar on each page of our website.
  • Search the title of the book you want to add to your wishlist.
  • Underneath the price on the book or product, next to the price, click the button that says 'Add to Wish List'.

3) Select your Wish list

  • On the pop up window, select which Wish list you'd like to add this book to.
    • You can even add the book to several Wish lists at the same time by checking multiple boxes.
  • Or, create a new Wish list on this pop up. Click 'Create New Wish List' and then type in the name of the new list.

You did it! You now have a wishlist! Have fun, and get wishing!


Maintaining Your Wish List:

  • Click on My Account and login in, if prompted.
  • Click on Wish list.
  • Select the Wish list you wish to update.

On this page you can:

  • Copy a URL to share with your friends and family in an email.
  • Update the Quantity of books on your Wish list by editing the number in a book's 'Wanted' column and then clicking Update Wish list.
  • Remove books on your Wish list by using the check box on the left of the book and then clicking Update Wish list.
  • Get the status of the books and whether they've been purchased. A purchased book from your wish list will say "Fulfilled" beside it if it's been purchased.
  • Change the Title of your Wish list. This will help people to find your list when searching on the website, if they don't have a direct link to your list.
  • Change your name as it appears on the wish list.
  • Set an expiration date for your Wish list. Wish lists automatically expire one year after they've been created. Once a Wish list expires, you must create a new one to send to friends and family.
  • Hide your expiration date from viewers of your wish list.
  • Make your list Private or Public.
    • Public lists will be displayed to anyone searching for keywords in your Wish list's title.
    • Private lists can still be viewed by anyone who has a direct link to your list, but will not appear in searches.
  • Select 'Do not ship items from your wish list'
    • If you check this box, One More Page Staff will hold all of the books purchased from your wish list at the store and will contact you to arrange for pick up.
  • Add Notes to include information that will be displayed just below your title on your Wish list page. This is a great place to add instructions, or a description of your event, or how you would like your friends, family or donors to fulfill your requests.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to click SAVE SETTINGS after you make any changes to your Wish list settings.

Email Your Wish list

  • Click on My Account and login in, if prompted.
  • Click on Wish list.
  • Select the Wish list you wish to email.
  • Browse down to 'Email Your Wish List" and click to expand the section.

1. Enter up to 10 email addresses, separated by commas into the Recipient field.
2. Customize your subject and message and then send!

Even if your Wish list is marked Private, friends and family who receive this email or have a direct URL link to your Wish list, will be able to see and purchase items from your Wish list.

A Note on Shipping:

  • When a guest purchases a book off of your wish list, they must know your shipping address in order to ship the book to you.
  • One More Page Books does not provide shipping or account information to purchasers of books from wish lists.
  • Books can be shipped to purchasers directly (if they do not know the Wish list owner's address), or books can be held at the store and One More Page Books staff will contact the Wish list owner to arrange pick up. 

You now have a wishlist! You can send it to friends, family, even strangers if you're feeling bold. Have fun, and get wishing!

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