The Hedgewitch of Foxhall - SIGNED - by Anna Bright

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The Hedgewitch of Foxhall - SIGNED - by Anna Bright

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THE HEDGEWITCH OF FOXHALL, Anna Bright's fourth Young Adult novel, is a romantic fantasy set against the backdrop of medieval Wales.

Magic is fading from Wales--choked off by King Offas Dyke, the enemy earthworks that spans the entire border. Even the dragons have disappeared. And now an attack is imminent. Prince Taliesin would love to watch magic die. Prince Dafydd fears it, and the throne. But when their father promises the crown to whichever son can destroy the dyke and restore magic to Wales, the brothers are forced into an uneasy rivalry. Ffion works hedgewitch magic for poor folk, not princes. Unlike the power-hungry Foxhall coven, she uses only what nature can spare. But when the covens greed costs Ffion everything, she will need power beyond her wildest dreams to get back what shes lost.

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