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Celebrate Pride Month with a gay little treat! (Or buy one for a friend!) $50 bundles will include at least 2 books, a chocolate (unless it's shippingsorry!), and various non-book items, such as stickers, journals, puzzles, and more.

YOU: Give us $50 and answer the questions below in the comment box of your order. (Only answer what you're comfortable sharing! Feel free to leave it blank, and we'll just pull some goodies of general queerness/fun!)

1) What book genre(s) do you typically read?

2) Would you like to share any aspects of your identity or elements of queerness that you're particularly interested in? (We can't guarantee that we'll have something that fits your experience/identity/interests perfectly, but we're happy to try!)

3) Would you like to share what genre of queer you are? Examples include, but are not limited to: Cottagecore Queer, Pastel Goth, Swamp Thing with a Heart of Gold, Butch Who Bakes, et al.

4) Is there anything you WILL NOT read? (Feel free to also note any popular/obvious books that you've already read and would not want included in your bundle.)

5) Do you have any food allergies?

6) Do you have pierced ears?

That's it! 

WE: Put together a bundle of goodies you (or a friend) will love--or will at least make you smile.

IMPORTANT NOTES: We cannot offer refunds or exchanges if you have already read a book included in your bundle (unless you're Patreon Member!). If you do NOT leave any information in the comment box, we'll simply curate a bundle of some of our favorites to send to you!

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