Not Your Crush's Cauldron: Supernatural Singles #3 - SIGNED - by April Asher

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Not Your Crush's Cauldron: Supernatural Singles #3 - SIGNED - by April Asher

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In April Asher's new Supernatural Singles novel, a witch takes a stroll on the wild-ish side, sparking an
alert that saddles her with her very own Guardian Angel…who happens to be her secret crush—and
new roommate.

Olive Maxwell much prefers teaching about the supernatural world to taking part in it and leaves the
magical shenanigans to her two sisters—the Prima-Apparent and Bounty Hunter-In-Training. But after
assigning her college students a project designed to nudge them outside their comfort zones, Olive
realizes that she’s never once stepped a toe over her own…and it’s about time that changed. Her first
trip into the unknown? Moving in with her long-time crush—and friend…tattooed, motorcycle-riding,
and pleasantly pierced, Baxter Donovan.

Bax Donovan, Guardian Angel not-so-extraordinaire, has acquired so many black marks on his record it
looked like a scantron sheet. He’s given one last chance to keep his Guardian wings intact, a high-profile
Assignment he knows all too well. Olive is usually as low-risk as it got. Hell, she wrote the safety manual.
But something landed her on the Guardian Affairs radar and his guess was it had something to do with
the heart-pounding stunts she’s determined to check off her Dare I Docket list.

Keeping Olive out of trouble is about to be his toughest assignment yet, and not because he’s forced to
shake the dust off his feathers and embrace his inner aerialist. He’s at real risk of shattering the only
Guardian Angel Code of Conduct Rule he’s yet to break: Don’t fall in love with your Assignment. And he
isn’t so sure that’s a bad thing.

If love didn’t play by the rules, why should they?