Shipping deadlines: We are strongly encouraging customers to get your orders in by December 7th for media mail shipping and December 14th for ground shipping. This only applies to book are " On Our Shelves Now " (shipping times for all other books will depend on publishers shipping speeds). We have been warned about shipping delays all season from USPS, UPS, and FedEx so don't delay!

For Schools and Libraries


We love librarians and local educators. If you shop at One More Page, we offer a 15% discount - and if you're purchasing something for your class you'll get a 20% discount, so make sure to tell us.


We're committed to providing personal and high-quality service to local educators and librarians. We offer a variety of support and services specifically designed to meet your needs and enhance your school’s ability to provide students with good books and excellent literary experiences, including:

 - Author visits – Recent author visits include Tom “Origami Yoda” Angleberger, Eric Litwin and Who Was? Tour
 - Young Adult Author Panels - Special discounts for larger quantity book orders
 - One School, One Book - Title suggestions, special discounts, and book orders
 - In-store book fairs and fundraisers for schools, PTA’s, booster clubs, teams, etc.
 - Everyday discounts for schools, teachers, and librarians:
 - 20% discount on books for school/library use
 - 15% discount on books for personal use.

Our staff will work with you to customize book orders, facilitate author visits, or fulfill any other book-related needs to ensure maximum convenience for you and maximum enjoyment and enrichment for your school’s students and families. If you would like to hear more about programs we’ve done with other schools, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a reference.

 - Approved vendor for both Arlington and Fairfax County Public Schools
 - Business in Education (BIE) Partner with Falls Church City Public Schools

If you have any questions, or if we can assist you with any immediate needs, please contact Trish Brown, our Educational Services Liaison, at

Business in Education Partnership Falls Church City Public Schools



WISH LISTS for Educators, Teachers and Librarians

One More Page's Wish list feature can allow you to organize multiple Wish lists! You can create lists for each of your classes, your schools, your divisions, or your events. You can even have a personal Wish list too! 

Click here for instructions on how to create multiple wish lists!

  • If you are creating a wish list for a school or organization, make sure to follow the instructions on the How-to page to 'Edit Your Wish list' and then select 'Do not ship items from your wish list'. This will ensure that One More Page staff hold the purchases for you according to your directions for delivery or pick up.
  • Ensure that your Wish list is Public and use the Title of your list to clearly indicate your school and the event or purpose for your list. This will ensure that people will be able to find your list when searching the site. For example: "Marshall High School AP English Book Fundraiser for Local Book Bank Donations"
  • Use the Notes section to include information for your donors or participants. This section will accept HTML code, so you can include a logo and other relevant information that displays directly below the Wish list title on your Wish list page.
  • Copy the URL link from your Wish list page and include it in all emails or publicity materials you distribute for your fundraiser.

Contact One More Page staff with any additional questions about how we can assist you with setting up a Book Fair or other fundraiser for your organization or school! 
Trish Brown, our Educational Services Liaison, at

* Please note that the discounts offered to educators only apply to purchases YOU make for your classroom or yourself, not to purchases made off of your wish lists by others.