Surprise Box

Want to let the master booksellers of One More Page pick out your perfect social isolation reads for you? We can do that! Here's how it works:

YOU: Give us $100 and answer the questions below in the comment box of your order.

1) What genre are you looking for?

2) Paperback, hardcover, or no preference?

3) Anything you WON'T read? 

4) Would you like any non-book items (journals, pins) included in your order?

That's it! 

WE: Put together an awesome box of books you'll love using our superhuman bookselling skills! Please note that we will consult our sales records to do our best to send you new and unique items, but we cannot offer refunds or exchanges if you have already read a title we pick for you or have bought it elsewhere. If you do NOT leave any information in the comment box, we'll simply curate a box of some of our favorites to send to you!

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