This Is How You Lose the Time War

Today's #OMPReads comes from Rosie - THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone! "How do I begin to describe this book. It’s a story of war between rival factions, the Agency and the Garden, fighting battles for Time itself. Throughout the past and future, different timelines that they tangle and erase, agents Red and Blue are working against each other and writing taunting letters… until one day the taunts become more teasing and they find themselves in love but on opposing sides. If either organization finds out, they are doomed. I am a sucker for an enemies to friends to lovers plot and this book hit me right in the feels. And if you lean toward audiobooks, the narrators were fantastic."


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Two time-traveling agents from warring futures, working their way through the past, begin to exchange letters—and fall in love in this thrilling and romantic book from award-winning authors Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone.

In the ashes of a dying world, Red finds a letter marked “Burn before reading. Signed, Blue.”

So begins an unlikely correspondence between two rival agents in a war that stretches through the vast reaches of time and space.

Red belongs to the Agency, a post-singularity technotopia. Blue belongs to Garden, a single vast consciousness embedded in all organic matter. Their pasts are bloody and their futures mutually exclusive. They have nothing in common—save that they’re the best, and they’re alone.

Now what began as a battlefield boast grows into a dangerous game, one both Red and Blue are determined to win. Because winning’s what you do in war. Isn’t it?

A tour de force collaboration from two powerhouse writers that spans the whole of time and space.