Ghost Image - SIGNED - by Ellen Crosby

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Ghost Image - SIGNED - by Ellen Crosby


Political intrigue, greed, betrayal and a high-stakes race against a killer: Photojournalist Sophie Medina is back with a bang

Freelance photojournalist Sophie Medina has photographed world leaders, popes and international peace talks. Tonight, the focus of her lens are the 120 guests at a glittering society engagement party in Washington: billionaires, politicians, exiled European royalty . . . and Sophie's old friend Brother Kevin Boyle, controversial environmentalist and Franciscan friar. Rumors are flying about a project that Kevin is working on. A project that could be worth millions, if it falls into the wrong hands.

So when Kevin's body is discovered the next day in his monastery's magnificent gardens, Sophie's convinced his death is no accident - even though no else seems to agree.

What secrets was Kevin keeping, that were enough to kill for? Sophie embarks on an international treasure hunt that takes her from the US Capitol to London. But with time running out, and a suspect list made up of the rich and powerful, can she find the truth before Kevin's killer finds her?

The second Sophie Medina mystery, following Multiple Exposure, is a great choice for readers who like fearless female sleuths and international intrigue.