Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to answer any questions you have, but please review our FAQ before reaching out to us at 703.300.9746, or

1. Are you open? What are your hours?
2. When are you opening?
3. Can I add something to my order?
4. Do you keep my credit card on file in the store?
5. Is my book in stock?
6. When will my order be ready for pickup?
7. How can I support One More Page Books?
8. Can I use a gift card when ordering online?
9. Do you buy used books?
10. Can you order a book that is out of print?
11. I'm an author! How can I get my book on your shelves?
12. How do I buy Maggie Stiefvater preordered, signed and personalized books?
13. How do I purchase additional shipping?
14. How do I purchase Ebooks?

15. How long will you hold my paid order?





1. Are you open? What are your hours?

The One More Page Books sales floor is currently closed to the public. We are accepting orders for books, wine, chocolate, puzzles, and more, here, on our website! Orders can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or internationally (excluding wine), and we also offer curbside pickup and limited local delivery. 

Curbside Pickup: Monday through Saturday, 12:00-4:00 pm / Wednesdays 12:00-7:00 pm
Delivery: We are no longer offereing Home Delivery due to limited staff
Phone Hours: Tuesday, Thursday from 12:00-4:00 pm

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2. When are you opening?

We do not currently have a date when we will reopen the store to the public. As you know, our store is a small physical space, and due to the increase in our online ordering and the space required for processing orders for pickup, delivery and shipping, we are limited in our options to ensure the safety of staff and our community. We are considering many options for the future that would help us to keep you and us safe when you're browsing the store and attending events, but we are not prepared to reopen at this time.

Events: We are holding virtual events with authors who often sign books available for purchase through the website. Check our Events page for our schedule!
Book Clubs: Our Book Clubs have moved online and are meeting via Zoom each month! Visit our Book Clubs page to register and to purchase your book club book for 20% off.
WINE!: We're very excited to offer wine for sale on our website. We miss our wine tastings as much as you do, so we're delighted to be able to offer wine for sale (to customers 21 and over), in addition to chocolate, books, puzzles and more. Wine is currently only available for curbside pickup (please bring your I.D. for age verification). 

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3. Can I add something to my order?

The short answer is "No." For your protection, we are unable to increase the credit card amount originally approved on a purchase, so to add a new item you would need to submit a new order. For curbside pickups, you're welcome to collect both orders at the same time or, for shipping, ask to have them combined by referencing your original order number in the comment in your additional order! We'll do our best to accommodate that request, depending on the status of the original order.

4. Do you keep my credit card on file at the store?

No, we do not keep anyone's credit card information on file at the store. You can add your credit card information to your website profile to make online checkout easier in the future. When you reach the payment section of the checkout process and enter a new credit card, you will see a box below those details that says, "Save this credit card for later use." Selecting this option will keep your card number on file, but One More Page employees will not have access to that number at any time.

5. Is my book in stock?

When you search for an item on our website, you will see a status of its general availability below the price. Click on the item to view more information about its availability, including how many copies we have in the store or an estimated timeline for when it would likely arrive, if we can order it. Our in-store inventory is updated daily, but the systems only synchronize once a day, so the online inventory may be incorrect if a book has been sold in the hours since the system was last updated.

On Our Shelves Now:: According to our inventory, this item is in our store and available for delivery, curbside pickup, or shipping as soon as we process your order, at which time you will receive an order update email.
Available from Our Distributor (Not in Store): This book is not currently in stock in the store, but we can place an order for it and have it available for you in generally 4-7 business days. Some books may require more time to receive from our distributor, but the average wait is about 5 business days. If you have questions about your order, please contact us at

Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now: This title has not been released yet. The "Published" field below the availability will indicate the date when the book will be released. You can still order the book now! Pre-orders are an important part of the publishing process, and pre-order books are shipped to arrive to you as close to the publishing date as possible, or available for delivery or curbside pickup on the release date, pending the publisher's ability to get the book to us in time for its release.

Out of Print: This book is no longer in print and is not available for us to order.

Backordered: This book is on backorder from its publisher. You can still place an order and we will keep you updated about the timeline for receiving this book. Please be aware that some items become available within a week, but many can take up to 1-2 months or longer, depending on when the publisher reprints and redistributes the book. 

Hard to Find - Unlikely to be Available: This book is not currently available for purchase through our store. You can contact us to discuss the books future availability via email at

6. When will my order be ready to pick up?

You will receive an email indicating that your order is ready to pick up once it has been processed by our staff. This message will include instructions about curbside pickup protocols. Depending on how many items you purchased and their availability from our distributors, it may take several days or longer for your order to be processed and ready for curbside pickup.

7. How can I support One More Page Books?

Thanks for asking! One of the best ways you can support us is by purchasing items through our online store. We ship anywhere, domestic and international, and we're so happy to share our love of books, wine, chocolate, and more with your friends and family around the world. 

You can also support us by joining our Patreon program, where you can become a supporting member of One More Page by purchasing a membership. We offer several membership levels that are billed monthly (starting at $3 per month), and have some amazing perks, such as exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks at our Booksellers in action, a monthly book and beverage pairing, personal book picks, and so much more. 

8. Can I use a gift card when ordering online?

Yes! During the checkout process there is a Gift Card section you can complete.

It's a little bit complicated (Sorry, folks!) because our in-store payment system that manages gift cards, and our online payment system do not talk to each other. As a result, your Gift Card balance will NOT be automatically deducted from your purchase total during checkout. One More Page staff will manually credit you for the value of your gift card when we process your order. Enter your gift card number and a credit card number during checkout (just in case the balance of the gift card does not cover the total value of the purchase), and we will email you after you submit your order with the total charge for your purchase, minus your gift card balance. If you purchase using PayPal, we will refund the gift card amount back to your PayPal account.

9. Do you buy used books?

We only deal in new books, so we do not buy used books or accept book donations. We recommend reaching out to Lost City Books or McKay Used Books for all your used book needs.

10. Can you order a book that is out of print?

Unfortunately, we cannot order any books that are out of print.

11. I'm an author! How can I get my book on your shelves?

We're a small store, so we're not able to represent all of the incredible books that are published in our physical space, but if your book is available to order through our website, you can share that link to your friends and family. The best way to get a book on our radar is for people to order it online!

12. How do I buy Maggie Stiefvater preordered, signed and personalized books?

One More Page Books is delighted to partner with Maggie Stiefvater to bring you personalized books and exclusive giveaway swag as part of Preorder Campaigns for her upcoming publications, as well a signed books, available year-round. Click here to preorder and purchase Maggie Stiefvater books.

13. How do purchase additional shipping?

Follow this link and select the number of books you need additional shipping for. Extra Shipping Charges

14. How do purchase an Ebook?

Follow this link and search for any ebook. One More Page Books Ebook-Store

15. How long will you hold my paid order?

The short answer is 6 months. We hope you are as excited for your order to arrive as when you first placed it. But sometimes, despite numerous emails, orders are not picked up. After 6 months, your book(s) will be returned to our store stock or to the publisher.