Reading and signing of Claire and the Eager Speaker with Tamara Keith, Davis Gordon and Samantha Lane Fiddy

Come for a reading of Claire and the Eager Speaker with authors Tamara Keith and Davis Gordon, and illustrator Samantha Lane Fiddy at Café Kindred. Stay for the incredible coffee and Fruity Pebble pancakes! The authors will have their Sharpies ready for autographs.

Tamara Keith is NPR’s White House Correspondent and co-host of the NPR Politics Podcast. When she travels, she brings along a board book for long-distance bedtime reading with her two sons Davis and Gibson. She messes up the lyrics when singing along to every song, but does so loudly and with gusto.

Davis Gordon is a super silly elementary student who loves sports, video games, his little brother, their two dogs and scatological humor of all varieties (though not necessarily in that order). He has added many inappropriate things to his smart speaker’s shopping list.

Samantha Lane Fiddy is an illustrator, author, and mom to three incredible kids and three “well-nourished” cats. She often asks her speaker to play NPR, Broadway musical soundtracks, and stand-up comedy. Her children have yet to accidentally order robots and chickens, but just give it time.

Event address: 
450 North Washington Street, Suite F
Falls Church, VA 22046