Wrestling Through Adversity (Paperback)

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Wrestling Through Adversity (Paperback)


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From the dark ages, the treatment of those mentally ill has progressed from chaining to a wall those afflicted with mental disturbance who never saw the light of day. However, in US emergency rooms, our young people on the brink of despair are held hostage for psychiatric care.

We have been bound to the antiquated biomedical model of mental health care. It is fortunate that we, as a society, are experiencing a mental health crisis of enormous proportions currently only in the sense that we are beginning to hear a wake-up call as we witness a total breakdown of our mental healthcare system regarding the mental stability of our youth and other groups of everyday people.

Healthcare professionals and societies are beginning to understand that mental health is integral to overall health and is more than the absence of symptoms of psychological distress. The mastery important to us all includes the acquisition of the capacity to reflect, to relate on a deep level with others emotionally, and to empathize in the face of change or stressful situations.

Resilient young people who possess these qualities and the ability to wrestle through adversity when they have the skillsets to do so, lead more successful lives when they know how to make lemonade out of lemons.

Dr. Christine Silverstein leaves no stone unturned in her thoroughly researched book, Wrestling Through Adversity. Drawing from her many years as a Peak Performance Coach, the mindful toughness skill sets presented in this book, such as self-hypnosis, relaxation, positive self-talk, and mental rehearsal, can empower young people in attaining their goals and in becoming resilient, especially when started early in life with the support of parents, teachers, coaches, and other caregivers. This book can educate, support, and inspire individuals of all ages, and athletes in all sports You won't be able to put it down. Educate yourself and support others with the knowledge you will find in this treasure.

- Ann Liguori, Sports Talk Show Host; Author; President, Ann Liguori Productions; Founder/President, Ann Liguori Foundation

Every caregiver of teens and adolescents should have a copy of this book to take adversity to resilience.

- Nan Nelson, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

In her inspiring book, Wrestling Through Adversity, Dr. Christine Silverstein demonstrates how to become empowered and resilient through compelling examples from her personal life and clinical practice as a Hypno-Coach. Readers of this book will learn how to employ self-hypnosis, breathing, mental rehearsal, mental recall, and positive self-talk to bolster their own life journeys.

- Ran D. Anbar, MD, Author of Changing Children's Lives with Hypnosis: A Journey to the Center.

Product Details ISBN: 9798888964385
Publisher: Winsome Entertainment Group
Publication Date: September 19th, 2023
Pages: 426
Language: English