Win.: The Candidate's Guide to Winning Back America (Hardcover)

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Win.: The Candidate's Guide to Winning Back America By Christopher Paul Gergen Cover Image

Win.: The Candidate's Guide to Winning Back America (Hardcover)


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WIN: THE CANDIDATE'S GUIDE TO WINNING BACK AMERICA is the ultimate playbook for conservative candidates seeking victory in the political arena. This comprehensive guide equips you with the tools, tactics, and strategies necessary to triumph in the cutthroat world of politics, where only the strong survive.From understanding the rules of the game and players on the field to mastering the five phases of a successful campaign, this book is your roadmap to success. Learn the art of fundraising, storytelling, and coalition-building, as well as the darker aspects of opposition research. With a campaign calendar to guide your efforts, you'll be primed to seize opportunities and emerge victorious.Written with the spirit of Parabellum - "...prepare for war" - this book serves as a source of strength and inspiration for those determined to win back America and restore her rightful place as the shining city upon a hill. Empower yourself with the wisdom contained within these pages and step boldly into the arena. Forge your path to success and secure a brighter future for generations to come. The battle for the soul of our nation begins with you; are you ready to claim victory?
Product Details ISBN: 9798218204099
Publisher: Blklyt Productions
Publication Date: June 30th, 2023
Pages: 356
Language: English