Echoes (Paperback)

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Echoes (Paperback)


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What if you heard yourself falling in love with someone you'd never met?

Seventeen-year-old Laura Jones has always heard the echoes of the past wherever she goes. She's gotten used to them, of course, and has learned how to live a relatively normal life despite hearing last year's teachers in her classrooms, the past chatting in the hallways, and even herself talking to her family at home during years prior.

But one day, Laura hears her past self meeting Maverick exactly one year ago, and she doesn't remember him at all. At first, she thinks it's just a small encounter she forgot about, but when Maverick starts to pop up in Laura's echoes more often, her confusion grows. Had they dated? Why doesn't she remember? Soon enough, a new threat appears: a menacing black Suburban that begins to follow Laura wherever she goes.

Will a boy she doesn't remember guide Laura to the answers she seeks, or will echoes of a forgotten past push her deeper into a dangerous future?

Product Details ISBN: 9781957204000
ISBN-10: 1957204001
Publisher: Marissa Lete
Publication Date: February 1st, 2021
Pages: 340
Language: English
Series: Echoes