The Fight For Rislandia (Paperback)

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Overrun by enemy forces......Rislandia has no hope for survival......unless Zaira can pull off a miracle.Rislandia City is under seige by the evil Wyranth Empire No one can slow the enemy's advance.Zaira can't believe how far the war escalated in a few short months. She took her airship to a foreign continent when her country needed her the most, all because the conniving enemy emperor sold her on a pack of lies.She has no time for regrets. The King needs to be air-lifted to safety. Bombs need to be dropped on the advancing enemy army. Civilians need supplies and food before they die of sickness and starvation.It's a lot to ask of one girl.Can Zaira regain her confidence in her leadership and save the kingdom?Readers will be gripped by non-stop action in the third book of this epic steampunk trilogy.Read today.

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ISBN: 9781951837051
ISBN-10: 1951837053
Publisher: Rislandia Books
Publication Date: December 25th, 2019
Pages: 228
Language: English