The Hidden Truth: A Science Fiction Techno-Thriller (Paperback)

The Hidden Truth: A Science Fiction Techno-Thriller By Hans G. Schantz Cover Image

The Hidden Truth: A Science Fiction Techno-Thriller (Paperback)

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They'll do anything to hide the truth.

When high school student Peter Burdell uncovers a subtle clue in a dusty book buried deep in a forgotten Appalachian library, he realizes someone altered history. Who's been lying, and why?

His discovery lands Peter in the cross hairs of the deadly Cabal whose Deep State agents changed the past to control the present, so they can rule the future. Aided by family and friends, Peter races against the odds to expose the conspiracy and uncover the answer to the most important question of his life:

What is The Hidden Truth?

Praise for The Hidden Truth

  • "...the best science fiction techno-thriller since whatever Neil Stephenson's lastbook was." -Ken Holder, L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise
  • "...quite literally the best book I've read this year. Great fresh sci-fi approach, stylistically similar to a Heinlein juvenile with X-files intrigue."-Daniel Humphreys, author of A Place Outside the Wild and Fade
  • "A geeky delight " -Francis Porretto, author of the Spooner Federation series
  • "An original contribution to the thriller genre " - C.J. Carella, author of The Warp Marine series
Product Details ISBN: 9781949891799
ISBN-10: 1949891798
Publisher: Silver Empire
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 288
Language: English