A Thousand Little Moments: Grace-Shaped Parenting (Paperback)

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A Thousand Little Moments: Grace-Shaped Parenting By James Dickson Cover Image

A Thousand Little Moments: Grace-Shaped Parenting (Paperback)


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Parenting is a long-term journey, but most of us are simply trying to make it through each day. Often, we look for quick-fix techniques, but the Bible offers something better. It points us to the Savior who graciously claims His own. Jesus is the Savior who had a long-term vision for His disciples that led Him to patiently engage with, delight in, shape, and pray for them. More than training tips, parents need to see Jesus and a new way to think about parenting in Him. A Thousand Little Moments will free us from the urgency of the moment by offering a long-term, grace-shaped philosophy of parenting.

Product Details ISBN: 9781949856897
ISBN-10: 1949856895
Publisher: Brookstone Publishing Group
Publication Date: October 10th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English