Access: Introduction to Travel & Tourism (Paperback)

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Access: Introduction to Travel & Tourism (Paperback)


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Practical, comprehensive, entertaining and reader-friendly, Access: Introduction to Travel and Tourism will provide you with an insider's perspective of travel-, tourism- and hospitality-related businesses and how they interact to form the world's largest industry.

Written by noted industry consultant Dr. Marc Mancini and used by travel schools and corporate trainers worldwide, this award-winning textbook-workbook will take you on an insightful, real-world exploration of the major segment of this vast collection of businesses: lodging, travel agencies, food services, air transportation, the tour business and cruise companies.

In addition, Access reveals how to market, sell to and serve the traveling public. It explores the powerful motives behind every kind of travel purchase. It devotes full chapters to destination geography and how technology has altered the landscape of the business.

Access is recognized for its rich and varied content, but it's also unique in the way that it addresses the cognitive style of today's reader. It incorporates the latest findings on how they absorb information. Its graphic design, interactive elements, self-diagnostic activities and profiles of industry pacesetters all come together to ensure that you'll understand the industry.

- Its format features multiple headings, boldfaced and italicized items, photos, sidebars, charts and full-color presentation.

- The prose is brisk, airy, tight and a pleasure to read.

- Diagnostic activities throughout the book allow you to measure the skills needed to succeed in this business.

- Each chapter concludes with review questions to reinforce the content and two or three interactive activities that encourage creative solutions. These activities are one of the most praised features of Access.

Are you a travel teacher or trainer? If so, you'll find that Access can be easily adapted to both online and in-person learning.

For all these reasons, the Association of Educational Publishers named Access the best new textbook of the year when it was first released - in any subject. No other travel or hospitality textbook has ever received this prestigious honor.

Product Details ISBN: 9781949667004
ISBN-10: 1949667006
Publisher: Marc Mancini Seminars and Consulting Inc
Publication Date: February 21st, 2012
Pages: 338
Language: English