Audio Distortion: One More Time (Paperback)

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Audio Distortion: One More Time By Riley Morgan, Michael Fontenot Cover Image

Audio Distortion: One More Time (Paperback)



Normal lives...

And... most importantly, making music because they want to...

Now, their faithful fans all have the same burning question.

Will there ever be another Audio Distortion record?

Or... is it time for the world to accept that they are done?

This time, it starts with two bands - one that needs help, and one that is losing interest.

The catalyst is a song, written years earlier, and then lost to life.

And of course, it ends up being about a new generation of musicians - waiting in the wings.

Once all of these combine, Audio Distortion once again, finds themselves back in the fast lane...

This time, however, it is the interest and passion of their children that will bring back the band critics keep saying, 'simply never seems to go away', One More Time.

Join Emma, Emily, Stanley, Cadi, and Willie, as they give the music world, and their dedicated fans, a final farewell...

Product Details ISBN: 9781944382056
ISBN-10: 1944382054
Publisher: C Clef Publishing LLC
Publication Date: December 12th, 2014
Pages: 334
Language: English