Audio Distortion: New Directions (Paperback)

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Audio Distortion: New Directions By Riley Morgan, Michael Fontenot Cover Image

Audio Distortion: New Directions (Paperback)



Four years out of the spotlight.

Four years of 'normal life'.

The members of Audio Distortion seem happy and content.

Well... most of them.

With their bass player in a state of confusion, Emma rallies the troops, and sets off to return a favor once done for her - help a friend find to find her way. Little does she know, her husband has already set in motion, the perfect means to do exactly that.

Thing is, Stanley is on an entirely different mission.

'Fate and Destiny' as Emma is so fond of saying.

All Stan needs to complete his mission, is a catalyst, which he finds in the form of five talented kids, known to the music community of Fort Collins, as Saturday Afternoon.

Of course, once Emma catches on, she uses all of them, not only to fix Cadi's 'problem', but to ensure that Audio Distortion finds a new direction.

Yes, music fans, the band the critics say 'never seems to go away', is about to find themselves center stage - again.

What amazing things will they give the world this time?

Product Details ISBN: 9781944382049
ISBN-10: 1944382046
Publisher: C Clef Publishing LLC
Publication Date: June 29th, 2014
Pages: 138
Language: English