female attempt to self-inflict (Paperback)

female attempt to self-inflict By Ashwini H. B. Cover Image

female attempt to self-inflict (Paperback)


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The subject matter of suicide has been methodologically studied from a wide range of perspectives including, but not limited to psychological, sociological, economical, moral, political, and spiritual points of view across cultures in all age groups, at least, since the time Durkheim classified suicidal behaviour and explored the issue from a sociological perspective towards the end of the 19th Century (Cosman, 2015). The goal of research in any domain is not just covering the length and breadth of the topic but going to the depths to explore the nuances of experiences, and narratives of individuals, and communities stemming from their unique contexts and circumstances. The topic of suicide requires such an effort especially in the domain of Psychology whose goals are to describe, explain, predict and control behaviour (Plotnik & Kouyoumdjian, 2013). This study intends to contribute to the knowledge fund in the domain of Suicidology from a psychological perspective. Thus, focuses on describing, and explaining the phenomena of 'Self-Incineration' (The act of burning oneself) among women who were admitted, and discharged from the burns ward of hospitals in Bangalore, with the aim that this understanding would eventually contribute to predicting and controlling, in this case putting an end to the tragic phenomenon of 'Self-Incineration'

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Publication Date: January 18th, 2023
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