Rumours Of Home (Hardcover)

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Rumours Of Home (Hardcover)


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Award-winning writer Hiro Boga's new book of poems celebrates the slip-sliding, stutter-step nature of our being as the true expression of our human divinity.

Within these pages you'll encounter narrative poems, long-form poem sequences, persona poems, lyric poems, and StarSeeds - quiet raindrops of meditative inspiration. You'll meet your Self in many incarnations, through stories and dreams, soundplay and wordplay, intimacy with the natural world, and riding through the stars.

These poems are explorations of Love in its many forms. Love between you and your soul. The love that brings us together, the love that dances us apart. The Love that wraps us in the arms of the world.

In the words of best-selling author Jennifer Louden, "Hiro's tender lyricism reunites divisions and illuminates what it truly means to belong to yourself, your soul, and your world."

For those of you who love poetry, and are called to the mystery of what it means to be human, Rumours of Home invites us into relationship with the Sacred in the heart of our beautiful, fragile world.

This collection of poems invites you home to yourself, to the heart of your belonging. It will inspire you to make your own art, whatever that might be, and offer it to a world in profound need of your gifts.

Product Details ISBN: 9781775083740
ISBN-10: 1775083748
Publisher: Deva Publishing
Publication Date: September 18th, 2022
Pages: 144
Language: English