Nimrod (Paperback)

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Nimrod (Paperback)


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Nimrod, a coming-of-age story about a sheltered teenager wanting nothing more than to escape the confines of his home and to see for himself what the world has to offer.

Rod is a daydreamer with a singular wish: to meet Sting, the rockstar-the only person capable of fixing Rod's broken family and liberating him from his sheltered existence. It's the summer before senior year, and Rod has nothing to look forward to but sitting at home day after day, serving as emotional caretaker to his mother. She's still reeling from the passing of her firstborn son twenty years ago, a death she blames on the band Green Day. Music has been forbidden in Rod's home ever since.

Enter Cat, the new girl in town who's everything Rod's not: confident, adventurous... and Green Day's biggest fan. When Cat presents him with the opportunity to meet his hero, will Rod risk sneaking out from under his mother's watchful eye to New York with the girl of his dreams? Rod must decide if it's worth jeopardising his future to save his mom's.

"A coming-of-age story about the power of music, the excitement of young love and the need to leave the hive. Rod is a daydreamer, Cat is the new girl, together they will discover the beauty of spontaneous adventures with the windows rolled down and the music turned up and blazing one's trail.."

Product Details ISBN: 9781739795597
ISBN-10: 1739795598
Publisher: Earth Island Books
Publication Date: July 4th, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English