Subversive Addiction: Ben Porter Series - Book Three (Paperback)

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Subversive Addiction: Ben Porter Series - Book Three By Christopher Rosow Cover Image

Subversive Addiction: Ben Porter Series - Book Three (Paperback)


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FBI Special Agent Ben Porter creates a formidable, off-the-books team tasked to hunt down and capture America's most-wanted terror suspect. Venturing far beyond the borders of the United States in search of his target, Ben uncovers clues that lead him not only toward his prey, but also deep inside an insidious, international plot-one that targets every person who is connected on-line . . . including you.

"All right, you probably missed out on the GameStop frenzy but don't miss Subversive Addiction. This is an extremely fast-paced thriller with a seriously memorable lead character, FBI Special Agent Ben Porter. Christopher Rosow is the real deal."

-James Patterson, global best-selling author

"Strap in for another Rosow ride around hairpin curves at breakneck speed. Like False Assurances and Threat Bias, this fast-moving gem sucks you in early and never lets you go."

-John Macleod, author of Justice Hill

False Assurances, optioned for a feature film by Spyglass Media Group, is ". . . a gripping suspense thriller with fast-paced storytelling and dynamic characters . . . Ben Porter is a whole new brand of 'hero' that will take audiences on a captivating ride."

-Peter Oillataguerre, President of Production, Spyglass Media Group

Product Details ISBN: 9781734714746
ISBN-10: 1734714743
Publisher: Quadrant Publishing LLC
Publication Date: March 10th, 2021
Pages: 390
Language: English