Déjà Vu (Paperback)


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Déjà Vu By Barbara Anderson Cover Image

Déjà Vu (Paperback)


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It is 2015 and Author Betsy Jane Blaine is writing her first novel exploring the possible explanation of the phenomena of d j vu (The feeling that you have seen or experienced something previously). The story begins in 17th century Plymouth, England and follows a boy and girl through time and space - from sailing on the Mayflower - to landing in a sand pit in Topeka, Kansas in 1960 - to chasing thieves in 2015. The adventures they engage in lead to making new friends, thwarting thieves, recovering stolen gems, and discovering many of the wonderful inventions of the 20th and 21st centuries. Throughout the story, multiple experiences of d j vu present themselves to the various characters, leading up to the conclusion of the story when Betsy discovers something completely unexpected in her own life. Barbara Anderson is a retired elementary teacher presently living and experiencing life in a 25-foot RV. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, her dog, Murphy, and her many friends. Since retiring, Barbara has enjoyed quilting, wood carving, kayaking, motorcycling, song-writing, playing music, and now authoring a novel. She seldom meets an adventure she doesn't like or a challenge she doesn't accept. Always looking for a new experience, Barbara writes with the same attitude she tries to live by - always be up for a new adventure.
Product Details ISBN: 9781662839122
ISBN-10: 166283912X
Publisher: Mill City Press, Inc
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
Pages: 148
Language: English