My Analyst's Underwear (Paperback)

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My Analyst's Underwear (Paperback)

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My Analyst's Underwear is a memoir that recounts the maze that is mental illness. Julie Brown has been hospitalized over seventeen times in thirty years. Born in 1962, Julie has struggled with bipolar disorder, PTSD, alcoholism, depression, and untreated childhood ADHD--diseases that were misunderstood and went misdiagnosed in Julie until 2002.

Julie chronicles the best treatments and the worst treatments. In addition, she shows how much power and control mental health professionals subject their patients to in either facilitating a breakthrough or causing setbacks.

Julie believes that in-patient psychiatric care is a hospital-accredited form of torture.

Product Details ISBN: 9781633372818
ISBN-10: 1633372812
Publisher: Hitchcock Media Group LLC
Publication Date: January 10th, 2020
Pages: 130
Language: English