Everlasting (Paperback)

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Everlasting (Paperback)


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Seventeen-year-old Sophia Bandell is scared of boys and her biggest fear is dying. Boys make her uncomfortable and itchy and dying is ...well ...dying.

Sophia is surprised when her long lost friend calls her, inviting her to spend the summer with her on the beach at Charleston.

When a plastic saucer hits her in the head one day as she's sunbathing, she has no idea it will forever change the course of her life. It is there she comes face to face with the impressive Tate Forester.

She is scared and ...itchy, but he's gorgeous and she can't shake him from her mind. They begin dating and Sophia soon knows he's the one.

But things turn dark when she finds out Tate really isn't the person he says he is, and the real reason her friend has brought her here is to teach her about life after death.

This everlasting summer on the beach gives Sophia a taste of first love--the happiness as well as the heartbreak.

Product Details ISBN: 9781621355458
ISBN-10: 1621355454
Publisher: Clean Reads
Publication Date: July 5th, 2016
Pages: 274
Language: English