Freestyle Soccer Tricks: Tricks, Flick-Ups, Catches (Paperback)

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Freestyle Soccer Tricks: Tricks, Flick-Ups, Catches (Paperback)


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How to master amazing freestyle soccer tricks.

Freestyle soccer is the art of juggling a soccer ball by using feet, knees, chest, shoulders and head while simultaneously performing creatively skillful moves to keep the ball airborne. Young soccer players everywhere copy the freestyle skills of heroes like Ronaldo and Beckham.

Freestyle hit big after Nike's Joga Bonito (play beautiful) ad campaign, which featured soccer icons executing amazing freestyle tricks. In rapid succession YouTube uploaded videos of youth doing tricks, and XBox and Playstation 2(R) released freestyle soccer games. Now the sport is recognized with a governing body, there are freestyle shoes, and organized competitions take place worldwide.

In Freestyle Soccer Tricks, world-renowned soccer juggler Sean D'Arcy starts with the basics and moves on to impressive kicks, flick-ups, rolls and catches. Fortunately for the inexperienced, many of these tricks can be done without knowing how to juggle the ball. Hundreds of color photos show how each trick is done, with Common Problem and Tip sidebars providing further instructions.

Colorful, portable and designed for its youth market, Freestyle Soccer Tricks meets the increasing demand by participants of this rapidly growing sport.

Sean D'Arcy has been hooked on freestyle since he first saw Argentinean school kids doing tricks at the 1978 World Cup. At the Sydney Olympics in 2000, he performed freestyle tricks. Soon afterward, he produced his Tricks of the Trade DVD. He now runs the website.
Product Details ISBN: 9781554074044
ISBN-10: 1554074045
Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: October 10th, 2008
Pages: 120
Language: English