Songbird Season (Hardcover)

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Songbird Season By Melanie Lageschulte Cover Image

Songbird Season (Hardcover)


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The first blush of spring finds Melinda filled with great expectations and high-flying goals. The charming farm and its critters are finally hers forever, and new life is popping up in unexpected places. But as the songbirds return and the garden's soil is turned, not everything's coming up roses: A no-nonsense housing inspector claims her sweet deal with Horace could come at a high cost, and her latest idea to improve life in her rural community meets with skepticism from some of the locals. When Uncle Frank makes a shocking discovery in the town's archives, the fallout threatens to dim Prosper Hardware's bright future. As friendships are tested and family ties begin to fray, can Melinda restore the harmony in her life? Fifth in a series

Product Details ISBN: 9780999775264
ISBN-10: 099977526X
Publisher: Fremont Creek Press
Publication Date: April 30th, 2019
Pages: 254
Language: English