Spookhouse 2 (Paperback)

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Spookhouse 2 By Eric Powell, Various, Eric Powell (Illustrator), Various (Illustrator) Cover Image

Spookhouse 2 (Paperback)

By Eric Powell, Various, Eric Powell (Illustrator), Various (Illustrator)


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A spooky, funny, and sometimes gross, book for kids of all ages! This Albatross Funnybooks anthology features works by some of the greats in the field of horror and humor comics! Featring THE DISGUSTING MONSTERS OF GLORGORF by Steve Mannion, KRUD KID by Eric Powell and Kyle Hotz, MY SISTER IS THE DEVIL! by Eric Powell, CHRISTINA by Eric Powell & Jake Smith, SPIDER-BOY! by William Stout, EYEVIS by Dave Johnson, MARYBELLE THE DESTRUCTOR by Eric Powell and Brett Parson, LULA GOES TRICK-OR TREATING by Eric Powell, THE HEADLESS SPACEMAN OF DRWOSY ACRES by Eric Powell and Robb Mommaerts, JACK-O-LANTERN JITTERS by Lance Inkwell, DEVIL SPROUTS by Eric Powell and Hilary Barta, PAPPA EYEBALL'S BIG DATE by Eric Powell, I.T. by Eric Powell and Gideon Kendall, THE SLOP by Eric Powell and Logan Faerber, and SPACE PLUMBER'S DAUGHTER by Eric Powell!
Eric Powell is a writer and artist from Nashville Tennessee who has contributed work for every major publisher in the comics industry. In 1999 Eric launched his critically acclaimed creator owned series THE GOON. In 2002 Eric Launched ALBATROSS EXPLODING FUNNYBOOKS in an effort to keep the Goon alive when no other publisher wanted it because it was too 'different'. But the readers spoke and the Goon quickly became an indy hit and picked up a diehard cult following. The Goon found a home and a wider audience with DARK HORSE COMICS, but Eric continued to publish creator owned comics through Albatross such as his all ages comic CHIMICHANGA and Rebecca Sugar’s PUG DAVIS. Eric has spent his career creating and promoting the validity and importance of creator owned comics through Albatross and other publishers such as Dark Horse and Image Comics.
In 2016 Eric rededicated himself in earnest to his publishing company, ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS, and launched his new fantasy series HILLBILLY, his kid's horror anthology SPOOK HOUSE, as well as other creator owned titles.
Eric has been working in collaboration with acclaimed director David Fincher, Tim Miller, and Blur Studios to bring the Goon to life on the big screen as an animated feature film.


• International Horror Guild: 2004 Best Illustrated Narrative

• Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2004 Best Single Issue (Goon #1)

• Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2005 Best Humor Publication

• Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2005 Best Continuing Series

• Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2008 Best Writer/Artist-Humor

• Will Eisner Comic Industry Award: 2008 Best Painter or Multimedia Artist
Product Details ISBN: 9780998379272
ISBN-10: 0998379271
Publisher: Albatross Funnybooks
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2019
Pages: 112
Language: English