Cripping Intersex (Disability Culture and Politics) (Paperback)

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Cripping Intersex (Disability Culture and Politics) By Celeste E. Orr Cover Image

Cripping Intersex (Disability Culture and Politics) (Paperback)

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A radically innovative approach to intersex studies and activism.

The connections between intersex and disability deserve nuanced attention to strengthen the rights and shared understanding of intersex people living with the disabling consequences of medical intervention. Cripping Intersex examines three key themes: the medical management of intersex persons, the fascination with sport sex-testing policies, and the eugenic skew of preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Celeste E. Orr investigates how intersex and interphobia overlap with disability and ableism, proposing new approaches to intersex studies and activism. Integrating feminist disability studies with intersex studies provides tools to surpass the traditional sex binary and entrenched culture against intersex traits. Orr offers a radical understanding of intersex with disability, pushing analyses of intersex histories, experience, and embodiment further than feminist or queer theory can do alone.

Celeste E. Orr is visiting assistant professor at St. Lawrence University.
Product Details ISBN: 9780774865548
ISBN-10: 0774865547
Publisher: University of British Columbia Press
Publication Date: June 26th, 2023
Pages: 332
Series: Disability Culture and Politics