The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique (Paperback)

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The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique By Samantha Vérant Cover Image

The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique (Paperback)


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A talented chef discovers how spices and scents can transport her—and, more importantly, how self-confidence can unlock the greatest magic of all: love—in this perfectly seasoned new novel by Samantha Vérant.

Kate Jenkins doesn’t believe in fate. She believes in a clear vision, meticulous planning, and hard work in order to achieve her culinary dreams. On the cusp of opening her own Parisian restaurant, Bistro Exotique, she isn’t even concerned when her standoffish—and annoyingly sexy—neighbor dismisses her as a crazy American tourist or when she meets the wildly eccentric Garrance, the self-proclaimed Spice Master of Paris, who ominously warns her of the previous owner’s failures.

Confident and optimistic, Kate keeps calm and cooks on. Until a series of unfortunate events derail her plans and her entire staff quits.
Kate is about to throw in the kitchen towel on her lifelong dream when Garrance offers to use her mastery of scents and spices to help her, but it comes at a price: Kate must work with Garrance’s son, Charles, a world-class chef and total jerk. After Kate hesitantly concedes to the deal, she slowly learns to open her heart and mind to new concepts, not quite sure if the magic she’s experiencing comes from Garrance’s spices, from within herself, or from the growing chemistry with Charles. One thing is certain, though: her kitchen is getting increasingly hot.
Samantha Vérant is a travel addict, a self-professed oenophile, and a determined, if occasionally unconventional, at-home French chef. She lives in southwestern France, where she's married to a sexy French rocket scientist she met in 1989 (but ignored for twenty years), a stepmom to two incredible kids, and the adoptive mother to a ridiculously adorable French cat.
Product Details ISBN: 9780593546000
ISBN-10: 0593546008
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: December 6th, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English
"Visit Bistro Exotique for an absolutely delicious love story. Verant sprinkles the exact right amount of humor, heart and spice on every page, and you won’t want to put it down.”—Annabel Monaghan, author of Nora Goes Off Script
"Samantha Verant has crafted a novel brimming with joie de vivre! Delicious food, a gorgeous city, a plucky heroine and a delightful inside peek at French culture and a touch of magic all blend together in this savory tale."—Rachel Linden, bestselling author of The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie

"The Spice Master of Bistro Exotique is a romantic and culinary delight, from its delicious start to its tantalizing finish! In Samantha Vérant’s signature style, mouthwatering recipes are woven into a steamy rom-com, resulting in a story that will leave you sated and smiling and deeply satisfied. With a gorgeous Parisian setting, mouthwatering recipes, and two hilarious and worthy protagonists, Vérant knocks it out of the park with this laugh-out-loud funny romantic comedy.”—Lori Nelson Spielman, bestselling author of The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

"A luscious feast of a novel, The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique offers hearty helpings of wit and romance with a dash of magic, complete with unforgettable characters.”—Yaffa S. Santos, author of A Touch of Moonlight

"Samantha Verant's The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique is utterly tantalizing. Verant skillfully weaves a whimsical love story with a mouthwatering and magical culinary journey through Paris. A seriously scrumptious read."—Sarah Echavarre Smith, author of The Boy with the Bookstore

"Samantha Verant transported me to Paris in this charming story of food, love, and magic. Endearing characters, a dash of whimsy, a sprinkle of intrigue and a generous serving of romance made for pure rom-com entertainment!"—Samantha Young, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of A Cosmic Kind of Love

"The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique is a Parisian delight! Samantha Verant has created an enchanting novel with a sprinkle of magic that will leave readers incredibly satisfied. We highly recommend you treat yourself to this delicious story!"—Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, authors of How To Save A Life

"A fairy tale, rich with the power of food, scents, and a summer in Paris."—Library Journal

“Kate makes for an endearingly plucky heroine, and colorful side characters abound.”—Publishers Weekly

Vérant (Sophie Valroux's Paris Stars, 2021) brings her signature style to Kate's story, infusing it with sensuality, romance, and a genuine love of the culinary arts. No mere background player, the City of Lights itself is present in every fish market, chic café, and floury boulangerie that Kate sets foot in on her culinary adventures. Fans of Mary Simses and Kerry Ann King will adore the interplay between food and romance, snobbery and appreciation, and critique and acclaim.”—Booklist

“Samantha Vérant's Parisian workplace romance The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique is sugar, spice, and everything nice.”—PopSugar

“Exotic sexy dishes and fiery passion encompasses Ms. Verant’s new foodgasmic novel… Full of intrigue and romance, The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique offers decadent food, a family atmosphere, inspiring messages and most importantly, love... A steamy heaven of orgasmic food and love proportions!”—Romance Junkies