Elements of Success 2 Split Edition Student Book a with Essential Online Practice (Paperback)

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Elements of Success 2 Split Edition Student Book a with Essential Online Practice By Anne Ediger, Linda Lee Cover Image

Elements of Success 2 Split Edition Student Book a with Essential Online Practice (Paperback)

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Grammar is an essential element of language learning. Yet it can be hard to teach and difficult to learn. Oxford surveyed over one thousand teachers to find out the biggest challenges facing grammar students. Elements of Success solves those challenges.

Level-appropriate charts explain grammar in a clear, simple and highly visual way so that students can readily understand and review the grammar points. The charts have easy-to-understand explanations, manageable sections, and effective use of color making them accessible. Many of the grammar charts include common student errors. Grammar activities point students back to specific sections of the charts, so they know exactly where to look for help.

The content is engaging, relevant, and meaningful, capturing students' interest. All the charts, activities, information and pronunciation notes use authentic, corpus-based language based on the 2-billion word Oxford English Corpus so that students learn grammar as it is most likely to be used by a native speaker.

Additional Research Says notes, For Your Information notes, and Pronunciation notes throughout Elements of Success provide students with interesting, useful information. Extensive practice activities ensure students retain their learning, reducing time spent re-teaching the same grammar points. Students are given multiple ways to use the grammar so that they can not only remember it, but are able to apply it.

All the grammar practice activities can be adapted to the unique needs of the students and of the classroom. Think about It, Write about It and Talk about It activities are flexible, open-ended activities which integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and engaging topic-based activities put grammar in context. Four-skills practice and critical thinking empower students to use language creatively and develop comprehensive language abilities.

Elements of Success also allows students to practise anytime, anywhere through Elements Online Practice Plus. This easy-to-use site, designed specifically for English Language learners, provides students with all new practice activities and interactive games. Automatic feedback not only gives the right answers but explains why the answers are correct. The integrated discussion board and email tools allow students to communicate with one another.

The Online Practice site includes the grammar charts, audio downloads of all the student book audio, and progress reports to show what students have mastered and what they still need help with.

The comprehensive teacher's resources for Elements of Success include an easy-to-use learning management system which allows teachers to monitor their students' performance and communicate with their students online. Teachers can download all the resources, including student book answer keys, teaching notes, class audio, and audio scripts.

Tests are available in a variety of formats to suit every classroom's unique needs. Teachers can assign automatically-scored online tests or download print-and-go tests or customizable tests.

Elements iTools Online enriches students' learning experience and reduces teachers' lesson planning time. Student book on screen engages students with "heads up" instruction, and pop-up photos illustrate grammar points in context and support instruction. On-screen expansion activities promote classroom engagement. Also included are general teaching notes to guide instruction, audio at point of use, extra audio, additional grammar presentations, and links taking you directly to Online Practice.
Product Details ISBN: 9780194028240
ISBN-10: 0194028240
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2014
Language: English