My Effin' Life (Hardcover)


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My Effin' Life By Geddy Lee Cover Image

My Effin' Life (Hardcover)


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The long-awaited memoir, generously illustrated with never-before-seen photos, from the iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Rush bassist, and New York Times bestselling author of Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass.

Geddy Lee is one of rock and roll's most respected bassists. For nearly five decades, his playing and work as co-writer, vocalist and keyboardist has been an essential part of the success story of Canadian progressive rock trio Rush. Here for the first time is his account of life inside and outside the band.

Long before Rush accumulated more consecutive gold and platinum records than any rock band after the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, before the seven Grammy nominations or the countless electrifying live performances across the globe, Geddy Lee was Gershon Eliezer Weinrib, after his grandfather was murdered in the Holocaust.

As he recounts the transformation, Lee looks back on his family, in particular his loving parents and their horrific experiences as teenagers during World War II.

He talks candidly about his childhood and the pursuit of music that led him to drop out of high school.

He tracks the history of Rush which, after early struggles, exploded into one of the most beloved bands of all time.

He shares intimate stories of his lifelong friendships with bandmates Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart—deeply mourning Peart’s recent passing—and reveals his obsessions in music and beyond.

This rich brew of honesty, humor, and loss makes for a uniquely poignant memoir.

Geddy Lee is the vocalist, bassist, and keyboard player for the Hall of Fame rock group Rush, with drummer Neil Peart and guitarist Alex Lifeson. The most successful Canadian music group in history, Rush is only third behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for the most consecutive gold or platinum albums sold by a rock band, and has performed before millions of fans around the world. Ranked by Rolling Stone as among the top bassists of all-time, Rush's energetic frontman has long been acclaimed for his wizard-like musical talent and mesmerizing performances. Geddy lives in Toronto, Canada.

Product Details ISBN: 9780063159419
ISBN-10: 0063159414
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 512
Language: English

"As someone who has spent his life telling made-up stories that are obliged to sound somewhat plausible, I am deeply envious of Geddy Lee. And it’s not only the improbable, absurd, wondrous and at times heartbreaking true story that life has gifted him that I envy, but also the warmth, care, artfulness, hard-earned wisdom and—always—the gently skewed humor with which he tells it. He’s one of my musical heroes, for reasons that are there on record, but with this book everyone can see why for so long he has also been one of my heroes as a man." — Michael Chabon

"An effin' good read." — Associated Press

“There was never a band like Rush. Geddy Lee doesn’t want to forget it. It took a series of losses for the high-voiced rock star to confront his personal history. It all came out in his new memoir.” — The Washington Post

“A page-turner . . . gives readers a fly-on-the-wall, tick-tock perspective . . . and also provides a backstage pass into Lee’s inner monologue as he balanced rising fame and enduring fears.” — Toronto Star

My Effin’ Life is joyously thoughtful and engaging.” — The Boston Globe

“The main takeaway from Geddy Lee's new memoir, My Effin’ Life, is that anything can happen as long as you live your life with an honest conviction.” — Vulture

“The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer—who played bass, keyboards, and sang on the progressive rock band's biggest hits—holds nothing back in his highly-anticipated memoir.”
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