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2011 - Eileen started a new adventure and launched One More Page Books.

2012 - President Barack Obama and his daughters paid a surprise visit to OMP for Small Business Saturday.

2013 - One More Page Books recognized as a "Best of NOVA" place to shop by Northern Virginia Magazine, the NoVaTEEN Book Festival is founded, and we bought our beloved cutout of President Obama.

2014 - One More Page Books launches a new website and celebrates 3 years of growth and community love.

2015 - Our first year becoming an American Express Small Business Saturday Member Favorite! Also, Amanda started working at the store (and since she made this timeline, she thinks that's kind of a big deal.)

2016 - The Boozy Booksellers were established, and the store celebrated five years of business. Also, Margaret Atwood replied to one of Rebecca's tweets.

2017 - Eileen took her first major vacation in years- to New Zealand! Although the ceiling briefly flooded, the store survived her absence, and we all grew stronger as a (slightly damp) team.

2018 - We created a new website, reintroduced our Romance section, and continued to grow as a beacon of books in the Northern Virginia community! 

2019 - Our community rallied around us to raise over twenty thousand dollars for the store after a tax increase almost knocked us out of commission - but we came back stronger than ever.

2020 - We're fighting through the pandemic with curbside pickup, and shipping options, as well as virtual events to continue to bring our love of books to you!


Eileen McGervey

 I escaped from corporate marketing to a place where I'm surrounded by my favorite things - books, wine, chocolate, and people who enjoy them. I also love mysteries, Peeps and Bill Murray movies. I see more of my family and friends than ever since the store opened--now that everyone knows where to find me. I miss traveling, but enjoyed my recent trip to New Delhi to visit my sister's family! Stop on by One More Page, we'd love to help you find your next treat.




Lelia Nebeker                                         

Lelia Nebeker, Book Buyer Extraordinaire 

Lelia has the greatest ambitions to read books, but mostly she just stacks them around her home and looks at them longingly. She is co-caretaker of the perfect dog, and enjoys discussing the esteemed legacy of Bruce Springsteen.

Trish Brown

Trish Brown, Education Services Liasion 

Trish is too busy running all of our school events and orders to write her own bio, so we're happy to jump in! Trish is a lover of children's literature, has a menagerie of hilarious pets, and used to own a VW double cab pickup truck that Eileen wishes she still had.

Rebecca Speas


Rebecca Speas, Bookselling Icon

Rebecca Speas is a Scorpio, an ESFP, a Dolly Parton aficionado, and a feminist riot who's never quiet. An actor and director in the vibrant DC theatre scene, Rebecca joined the OMP staff as a bookseller right before the 2014 holiday season and has never looked back! Although she’ll read almost anything, Rebecca has a particular love for magical realism, non-WWII historical fiction, fantasy, feminist texts, bodice-rippers, and anything that doesn’t feel constrained by genres. She is also one-half of the Boozy Booksellers, a YouTube series in which she and Lelia drink adult beverages and yell enthusiastically about books. Rebecca would also like it known that there are no such things as “boy books” and “girl books,” there are just “books".

Amana Quain

Amanda Quain, Events Coordinator

Amanda Quain loves books and people, so a job where she gets to make people read all the books she likes best is basically the dream. When she isn’t excitedly rambling about her favorite new releases, she's writing novels and plays, rock climbing, and planning board game nights (She's a little busy.) Her favorite types of books include YA, sci-fi and fantasy with strong characters who care about each other, and romance novels filled with banter. Hobbies include crying over Outlander with the ladies of OMP, praying for the Caps, and destroying the competition in a round of Marrying Mr. Darcy (the best board game of all time.) Amanda is also the author of two YA Jane Austen re-tellings: Accomplished and Ghosted! Find her on twitter @quainiac.

Rosie Dauval

Rosie Dauval, Wine Buyer

How to describe Rosie? Bookish, gamer, photo, foodie, dog loving, nerd. ...In other words, someone who immediately fit in at One More Page! Rosie is your go-to girl for science fiction and fantasy recs.

Sally McConnell

Sally McConnell, Bookseller

Sally knew she was home the first time she stepped into One More Page. She immediately became an enthusiastic customer, hounding Eileen to hire her while buying books and chocolate and racking up those discounts in the frequent buyer program. Sally worked at an independent bookstore while in college and grad school and is dedicated to making sure they thrive. Retired from lobbying and education positions, Sally views her OMP gig as the perfect, fun retirement job.

Eileen O'Connor 

Eileen O'Connor, Bookseller

You're not seeing double- this Eileen is the niece of our owner, Eileen! Fresh out of Burlington, she manages to make time for the bookstore when she's not traveling the world.

Neil O'Connor

Neil O'Connor, IT & Tech Superstar

When something goes wrong with any of the technology, equipment or phones at OMP, as soon Neil walks in everything immediately starts to work (or at least it seems that way). In addition to keeping everything working, Neil does our numbers crunching, sales analyses, keeping us online and posing for the occasional social media photo op.



Amber Taylor, Bookseller

Growing up, Amber spent all her babysitting money on Sweet Valley High books, was heavily influenced by her book-loving librarian aunts and had a mother who was known to “disappear” into a book now and then. She is raising an elementary school-aged reader. She loves to read a little bit of everything and is the go-to for many friends and neighbors looking for what to read next. She also listens to too many book podcasts that keep her own TBR pile growing faster than she can ever possibly read. She is thrilled to bring her public relations career together with her love of books and reading to help create and promote great author events for OMP customers.

Sam White

Sam White, Social Media & Outreach Coordinator

Sam can make any conversation about gays in space. She also enjoys rollerskating, photography, and theorizing about Taylor Swift. One time she interviewed TJ Klune, which was very cool. Ask Sam for queer book recs across all genres!

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