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HOLLY BLACK (The Darkest Part of the Forest)  *  MAGGIE THRASH (Honor Girl)  *  JOSH SUNDQUIST (We Should Hang Out Sometime)  *  JULIE MURPHY(Dumplin’)  * SANDY HALL (Signs Point To Yes)  *  RANDY RIBAY (An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes)  *  HANNAH ARNABY (Some of the Parts)  *  TOMMY WALLACH (Thanks for the Trouble)  *  KELLY FIORE (Thicker Than Water)  *  JASON REYNOLDS (All American Boys)  *  BRENDAN KIELY (All American Boys)  *  JEFF GARVIN (Symptoms of Being Human)  *  MELISSA GORZELANCZYK (Arrows)  *  JENNIFER DONNELLY (These Shallow Graves)  *  JANET B TAYLOR (Into the Dim)  *  KELLY ZEKAS (These Vicious Masks)  *  JAN GANGSEI (Zero Day)  *  ELEANOR HERMAN (Legacy of Kings)  *  KATHY MACMILLAN (Sword and Verse)  *  LISA MAXWELL (Unhooked)  *  NATALIE C. PARKER (Behold the Bones: Beware the Wild #2)  *  APRIL GENEVIEVE TUCHOLKE (Slasher Girls & Monster Boys: Stories)  *  CHARLOTTE HUANG (For the Record)

NoVa TEEN 2016

​Saturday, March 5, 2016