Lelia Nebeker,

Book Buyer

Lelia is a non-recovering,

non-apologetic book hoarder

whose “job” at OMP is

actually an enabling device

to support her unhealthy

relationship with books. She

spends most of her time

trying to defy the laws of

physics in order to fit all of her books in her room, or watching television and blogging about it. An avid fan of fiction in any form, her true love is young adult literature, which she fears she will never outgrow. If she sees you eye-ing one of her favorite books, her unbridled enthusiasm will be unleashed upon you like a rabid-but-friendly mountain lion. Her favorite books of all time are unquestionably the Harry Potter series. She has, on at least one occasion, visited the Lost and Found to ask if anyone had turned in her wand.

Trish Brown, Education

Services Liaison

a curated selection

We stock our shelves with books that we love & recommend. We offer unique chocolates, wines, & gift items...and are happy to gift wrap for you!

We love book clubs

We offer several book clubs in the store for a range of interests - they are open to all and we welcome new members!

the Reader Program

One More Page Books rewards frequent readers! Add your name to the Frequent Buyer Club next time you check out, and start receiving discounts.

our team

I escaped from corporate marketing to a place where I'm surrounded by my favorite things - books, wine, chocolate, and people who enjoy them. I also love mysteries, Peeps and Bill Murray movies. I see more of my family and friends than ever since the store opened--now that everyone knows where to find me. I miss traveling, but enjoyed my recent trip to New Delhi to visit my sister's family! Stop on by One More Page, we'd love to help you find your next treat.

One More Page's History

2011 - Eileen starts a new adventure and launches One More Page Books.

2012 - President Barack Obama and his daughters pay a surprise visit to OMP for Small Business Saturday.

2013 - One More Page Books recognized as a "Best of NOVA" place to shop by Northern Virginia Magazine.

2014 - One More Page Books launches a new website and celebrates 3 years of growth and community love.

Terry Nebeker,

Author Whisperer
Terry is so happy to be

working at One More Page.

She previously appeared at

the wonderful "Aladdin's

Lamp Children's Books," and

has warmed up nicely to the

world of grown-up literature.

She likes to read non-fiction

and loves memoirs, especially if some sort of addiction is involved. She specializes in describing the wonders of the store's wine selection, talking health and nutrition, and stalking authors and luring them to One More Page to talk about their books. She has a soft spot for graphic novels, and loves tasting wine with Eileen when the wine rep visits.

- Eileen McGervey

When she's not selling her favorite science fiction/fantasy, MG, and YA novels or coordinating donations for One More Page, she's writing novels, communing with her spiritual familiar (her kitten, Salem), or dragging her husband off on an adventure.

Rebecca Speas,
Events Coordinator
Rebecca Speas is a Scorpio,
a Hufflepuff, a Martell, a rolly-
chair historian, and a feminist
riot who’s never quiet. An actor and
director in the vibrant DC theatre
scene, Rebecca joined the OMP
staff as a bookseller right before
the 2014 holiday season and has never looked back! Although she’ll read almost anything, Rebecca has a particular love for magical realism, non-WWII historical fiction, fantasy, feminist texts, bodice-rippers, and anything that doesn’t feel constrained by genres. She is also one-half of the Boozy Booksellers, a YouTube series in which she and Lelia drink adult beverages and yell enthusiastically about books. Rebecca would also like it known that there are no such things as “boy books” and “girl books,” there are just “books.”

How to describe Rosie? Bookish, gamer, photo, foodie, dog loving, nerd.

...in other words, someone who immediately fit in at One More Page!

Open daily!
Mon-Sat 10am - 8pm
Sundays 12pm - 5pm

Amanda Quain,

Social Media Maven

Amanda Quain loves books,

which makes One More

Page a pretty great place for

her. When she isn't forcing

YA books on an unsuspecting

public or managing OMP's

social media shenanigans,

she's writing, acting, training med students, and planning board game nights (She's a little busy.) Hobbies include crying over Outlander with the ladies of OMP, praying for the Caps, and destroying the competition in a round of Marrying Mr. Darcy (the best board game of all time.) Find her on twitter @quainiac

Trish is too busy running all of our school events and orders to write her own bio, so we're happy to jump in! Trish is a lover of children's literature, has a menagerie of hilarious pets, and used to own a VW double cab pickup truck that Eileen wishes she still had.

Rosie Dauval,

Publicity & Marketing

Neil O'Connor, IT & Technology


Anna Bright,

Bookseller/Donations Coordinator/


those discounts in the frequent buyer program. Sally worked at an independent bookstore while in college and grad school and is dedicated to making sure they thrive. Retired from lobbying and education positions, Sally views her OMP gig as the perfect, fun retirement job.

Anna has been book-obsessed since childhood, when she routinely got in trouble for reading under the table at dinner and when she was supposed to be getting ready for other things. She's grateful to have found that this trait is actually useful for gainful employment.

Jill Beres, Bookseller

Jill is a busy mom, an

over-extended volunteer,

and an avid book lover.

She discovered One More

Page Books before the

store even opened, and

she hung around and

browsed so much that they

finally decided to hire her! 

Jill has a 12-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son, both of whom love to read, so she has lots of book recommendations for middle grade and young adult readers.  Jill loves to talk about books, and she participates in several book clubs, including some right here at One More Page.  She is delighted to be a part of an independent book store and thoroughly enjoys the company of her co-workers and customers.

When something goes wrong with any of the technology, equipment or phones at OMP, as soon Neil walks in everything immediately starts to work (or at least it seems that way). In addition to keeping everything working, Neil does our numbers crunching, sales analyses, keeping us online and posing for the occasional social media photo op.

Our founder & Owner

Sally McConnell, Bookseller
Sally knew she was home

the first time she stepped

into One More Page. She

immediately became an

enthusiastic customer,

hounding Eileen to hire her

while buying books and

chocolate and racking up